iPad Pro: Just three small steps away from a killer laptop replacement

  1. I’ve got to be able to open multiple instances of apps. When I’m editing legal agreements, I often open my original document and somebody else’s messy edits side by side, and rewrite the edits into the original to create a clean master. To my knowledge, iOS 11 has no simple way to open two Word documents side by side.
  2. I’ve got to be able to sync files to the device. In an ideal world, we’re surrounded by high-speed connectivity and everything can live in the cloud on demand. In the real world, you discover in the first half hour of a five hour flight that the airplane wifi is nonexistent. I can’t risk not having access to my stuff. iPads have as much storage as my MacBook…why not let me selectively sync parts of my Dropbox to the device?
  3. Apps need to be able to share the screen. The #1 reason I don’t take an iPad to 100% of my meetings at Riskalyze is the need to join a Highfive meeting and share my screen. We also have $35 Google Chromecasts on our conference room TVs, not $150 Apple TVs. Neither of those options work from an iPad yet.



@Riskalyze CEO. Adoption + Orphan Advocate. Husband and dad striving to live Isaiah 1:17.

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